Open Source School

This page, when finished, will contain a complete list of all the tools you could use to have a fully-functioning open source and/or free-software school that rivals, if not exceeds a commercially-based technical infrastructure. There are many different options available, and I will eventually — i.e. whenever I get around to it — write posts describing what the benefits and disadvantages are of each tool, and instructions on how to set them up. The practicality of some of these tools may depend on your school or school district’s infrastructure, policies, etc.
Things to Consider

  • Budget
  • State Requirements
  • Available Tech Support

Server Setup

Data Management

  • MySQL
  • PostgreSQL
  • Data warehousing with openIntel

Network and Classroom Monitoring

Phone System

User and Group Management


Student Information Systems

Employee and Office Applications

Student Applications

Web Sites and Social Networking Tools


  • Scott Urban (14 years)

    You have done an excellent job at showing the world of open source in education. I got my MIS this spring and so much of was spent on expensive commercial products. It is very cool to list of open source products and how a system could be put into place using only open source.

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